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A new programme at Ark Elvin Academy

It’s been a pleasure starting delivery of our first programme with Ark Elvin Academy (Wembley, London) over the last two months. The school have quickly become strong partners, with Tommy Ittu (Vice Principal) being pivotal to the success of the programme so far.

The team of volunteer coaches have already been demonstrating their commitment to the young people. Comments from coaches at the coach/pupil matching afternoon were, “I remember it being hard at school and not having anyone to talk to. Hopefully I can make a difference by supporting without judgement.” And, “I love helping people to achieve what they want to achieve in their life. I want to help you guys find your potential, because you’re all special and gifted”.

Feedback from the young people at the end of their 2-day workshop included:

“At the beginning [of the workshop] I thought it wouldn’t help, but I realised it doesn’t matter which position you are in, you can always make a choice to make things better”

“This course has been very influential and helped me get in the process of finding myself.  I think it’s going to be helpful to my future and bring out the person I want to be”

And, “You have given me so much hope and a new mindset.  I don’t need to be silly to get attention.  It’s given me the idea that I can release my full potential”

Holly, one of the Academy’s staff team commented: “On a personal level, it is an eye-opening experience for myself, the way in which I generally think about things.  Thinking back to when I was back at school and how I processed things, now I see it from both sides.  My friends think I am quiet. I have that journalist there, so I stay quiet.  But I engage in more conversations now.  I go home and tell my parents about it, it’s so good!”

We’ve been fortunate in securing support from employees at Goldman Sachs for the first set of follow-up sessions at Ark Elvin in June and July. We’ll be updating you on how these go in future newsletters.