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Bake Off!

Grit staff had the lucky opportunity to attend and be on the judging panel of a ‘bake off’ at Sartorius Global (Royston branch), a leading international pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment supplier last week.

The bake off is held annually amongst Sartorius’ staff, was a fantastic affair with 16 cakes and 1 savoury pastry item entered in the competition to be named bake-off champion for 2018.

The two members of Grit staff Lauren and Andrew, were part of the judging panel which involved tasting all 17 entrants and judging each entrant against various criteria including presentation, taste and effort.

Competition for first place was fierce as all entrants were delicious, with the judging panel finding it very difficult to crown one clear winner. As a result, there were both prizes for third and second place, plus well-deserved joint prize for the three first place winners.

After the judging was over and all the prizes awarded to the well-deserved winners, all Sartorius’ staff were then able to try out all the cakes on display. As an added bonus most members of staff donated various amounts of money per slice of cake that they sampled, managing to raise by the end of the morning a total of £216 for Grit.

Have you have been inspired by Sartorius’ bake-off competition and are interested in running a fundraising event at your organisation? Please contact Clare Kanakides at