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Cert Mentor workshops with Nottingham Trent University

Following a successful year of partnership with Nottingham Trent University, we were excited to co-design a new workshop for their Cert Mentors. Delivery took place in June and saw us working with 377 second and third year students, all of whom had secured paid positions as Cert Mentors and will be welcoming incoming first year students from September onwards.

The 3-hour bespoke workshop helped prepare Cert Mentors for their new role and will be replicated with ALL new first year students in September, creating common ground.

We were, of course, keen to see the feedback from students and assess whether the workshops had prepared them in the way the university had been looking for. We were very pleased to see that 97% Cert Mentors felt the workshop had helped them feel more confident about developing positive relationships with new people, a key skill they will be needing in September.

Comments from the Cert Mentors included:

At the start of the session I was nervous however near the end I had come out of my shell and spoken to new people. I will be encouraging first years to do the same.”

“It’s made me feel determined, positive and confident”

“It was a great session that made even the most nervous people feel comfortable.”

We’re looking forward to delivering the final 4 Cert Mentor sessions in September and continuing to work with Nottingham Trent University, supporting their students.