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Completion at Canterbury Christchurch University

Following two successful years of delivery, 30 students have recently completed a 3-day programme at Canterbury Christchurch University. We’re looking forward to the follow-up day and completion celebration in April.

As usual we were blown away with the students’ commitment and engagement throughout and we received some fantastic feedback:

“I believe the training has been the most beneficial thing I have done in University, to be okay with myself. It has enlightened me to understand where I have gone ‘wrong’ in some aspects of myself.” - Student

“Being extremely sceptical in the beginning, I am surprised at how I managed to take on board and open up to the prospect of other ways of being.” - Student

“It has helped me to be more open and see things differently. It has shown me how to be ‘My Word’.” - Student

We look forward to seeing these students again in April.