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Cycling for Grit!

Rachel Walmsley, a new volunteer to Grit, raised over £1,000 by cycling a seriously impressive 874 miles, from Lands End to John O Groats. Here's why she did it:

"I've realised that I did not feel empowered during my time growing up, a lot of the decisions I have made haven’t been for me and they have not satisfied me.

Over time, I have come to learn the importance of doing things for myself.  If you can do things right for you, you grow to be more powerful.  You have a greater sense of fulfilment and better relationships.

These are beliefs I hold strongly, and this is what spoke out to me when I found out about the work that Grit does.

Why did you want to raise money for Grit?

At the time I wanted to do a cycling challenge and I saw no better opportunity that to raise money for Grit whilst doing it. Even during the physical journey of the cycling challenge, I was able to draw parallels to the Grit work, for example the fact that I was doing something I never thought I could do before, even if I always wanted to.  Along that journey I also realised that I was planting seeds in the minds of other people, who in their heart too, wanted to do something similar.

How did you raise the money?

I set up a Just Giving page with my story, then sent it to people at work and to friends through Facebook. Word spread and I raised over £1,000 which I have now pledged for Grit's Big Give 'Christmas Challenge' campaign."

Huge thanks to Rachel for taking on this extraordinary challenge to raise money to support the work we do with young people. The Big Give 'Christmas Challenge' is raising money for the East London Community Programme. We will be sending you more information about the campaign over the coming months.

Inspired by Rachel's fundraising? Why not get in touch with Clare Kanakides to talk about how you could support Grit by raising money: or 07971 891924