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East London Community Programme update

Delivery of the East London community programme has kicked off with the first event two weeks ago at Newham College. Students, college staff/teachers and professionals from outside the college participated in a 3-day workshop designed to create networks, community and a support system for the young adults within the college.

It was a challenging 3 days with participants of all ages engaging in self-reflective work, beginning to see previously unseen possibilities for themselves and identifying the places where they often limit their ability to succeed. 

At the end of the workshop, some students described feeling more confident, whilst others felt more self-aware and determined to make the necessary changes to be successful in their course.

“I wish we could do this every year as I got so much out of it! I feel more confident than I did coming into the course.” Jhennell, Newham College student.

Teachers and external professionals told us they’d felt a shift in the way they viewed students and felt there was a new space for a different level of interaction to occur.

“I was a little bit of a sceptic before I came here, I emailed my boss twice saying to him I did not want to come but he insisted. I’m happy I came to be honest, the first day I was bored but the subject matter got a bit more interesting. On day 2, I thought it was quite deep and personal, a lot of people engaged and spoke from the heart which was very touching – I actually cried….

…On day 3, where we were talking about speaking and listening, I could see how myself and the staff I work with sit in the past when we should be more in the present.  I found it very useful and I love the way [the trainer] was analysing people’s sentences. A good course, thank you!” Oz, external professional.

We are gearing up towards the kick-off workshop on 16th, 17th and 18th November, building a list of community adults who will be participating to get a greater insight of Grit’s approach and also look at how they can support the East London programme.

Interested in participating? Please contact Mohamed on or 07971 891935