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Goldman Sachs employee volunteering

The Coaching for Success programme is in full swing now at Ark Elvin Academy and we’ve recently had the honour of working with staff from Goldman Sachs at two of the pupil follow-up sessions.  These sessions have supported  the young people to develop their CV writing and interview skills. 

A team of employee volunteers from Goldman Sachs facilitated a full morning of activities, where pupils engaged in role-plays and conversations around career and employability as they moved through a carousal of skills masterclasses, e.g. presentation skills The young people not only had Goldman Sachs employees and Grit staff supporting them on the day, but also worked with their coaches to relate the activities to their self-set goals.

A comment from one of the Goldman Sachs employees was, “I love helping people to achieve what they want to achieve in their life.  I want to help you guys to fund your potential, because you are all special and gifted”.

We are looking now to September when the Ark Elvin Coaching for Success programme will pick up again, after the sunny summer holidays.