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My journey with Grit

“I didn’t know what to expect when I started my role as Youth Enrolment Manager in December 2016. I knew I’d be working with young people within the community which is what intrigued me the most. I started with basic knowledge about what the role would require and found myself overwhelmed by the amount of work there was to do in order to enrol the young people.

I quickly learned that as much as I was presenting an opportunity to young people, the enrolment process was an opportunity for me to really see what I’m made of, despite my core beliefs about my capability.

It was another phase of personal development as I explored my relationship with paperwork, details, admin and management which brought out previously untapped skills and knowledge. I have been able to create relationships with young people which continually challenge myself and my perception of the world through younger eyes.

Going to colleges/schools allowed me to engage with potential participants in their familiar environments whilst also being able to get a real feel of what is happening with our young people in the communities they’re from.

I have since been able to further develop relationships with professionals and the young people on the current Youth Congress Programme. It’s all supported me in developing my confidence and public speaking skills, as well as the knowing that I can get the job done when I apply myself fully! I’m certainly looking forward to building on this experience and creating something special as part of the community programmes.”