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The Network for East Anglian Collaborative Outreach (NEACO) aims to help young people from East Anglia with little or no experience of university, to explore the world of higher education. They work with students in years 9-13 who live in areas identified by the Government with low rates of progression to higher education. 

In May 2018 we began working with NEACO and delivered a one-day staff training and following its success we then went on to deliver two 3-day Professional Intensive Programmes. These two groups have been meeting up every other month for follow up days, which has enabled them to reflect on the progress they’ve made so far and continue to move forwards with their commitments.

The programme has provided an opportunity for staff from the three teams (Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridge) to work together and has helped to identify common successes and challenges, as well as giving an insight into each team’s individual framework.

The next phase of the work will be an opportunity for the teams to meet for County Coaching days to explore the challenges unique to each area’s situation.  We look forward to reuniting after this to look at what’s next and to celebrate their achievements throughout the programme.

“Great training by and support from GRIT: fit a lot into one day and took us on a journey through exercises that felt detached, then really hit home--very effective!” – NEACO staff participant

“Fantastic to participate in and witness for our team--from a high level of trepidation and tiredness on the first morning to a team empowered, bonded and excited to take on the year ahead.” – NEACO staff participant