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Prevista's Professionals Programme

Building on our partnership with Prevista and following the huge success of our Youth Congress Programme in 2017/2018, we have been working on some additional projects. Whilst collaborating as part of our East London Community Programme we have been delivering some professionals’ workshops for their staff teams.

After running 2 previous staff trainings with Prevista and providing one to one coaching to support the senior management team, we were asked to deliver another 3-day workshop to staff following their recent acquisition of another company in the sector.

Our Curriculum Director, Mark Charley, delivered the 3-day workshop to 56 staff, which was designed to create alignment on the way forward and the next steps for the business.

There were challenges as always but the staff engaged and were willing to share their thoughts and opinions to see some new possibilities. They all made commitments to take forward and the next step is for staff to review their learnings, look at what has been different, reflect on the progress made so far and continue to create plans for what’s next.