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The Grit team in training!

In July 2018 the Grit staff team participated in a ULAB training led by Ferdi D'Souza. ULAB is designed to bring together personal, social and environmental transformation and its methodology is designed to put organisations in touch with the 'emerging future' as a place to lead from. 

The Grit team threw themselves whole-heartedly into the training and found the opportunity to listen and understand each other in a new way quite profound. Some of the tools like levels of listening, collective problem-solving and stakeholder interviews have already informed the way we communicate, structure meetings and allow time for our collective creativity.

Time spent with the Grit family is always special, we strongly believe that our organisational values have to be congruent with those in our programmes, so our own personal and team development is crucial.

When we finished the workshop by sharing statements on 'this is my self' and 'this is my work', we were struck by how similar our drivers and passions were, perhaps not that surprising given we have all been drawn to work for Grit, but a great reminder of our commonality.

Thank you to Ferdi for his excellent leading and for being part of the development of an amazing team.