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University roundtable meeting

On 8th October we held our first Grit universities Roundtable meeting - designed to share best practice amongst our university clients. The event was held at NTU and attended by representatives from 9 of the universities we are working with.

Universities shared their accomplishments and challenges with Grit, exchanged ideas about growth of the programme and measurement of success, and began to create a kind of 'community of practice' to continue to share learning.

The key themes were about how to best engage staff, key recommendations about marketing the programme to students, shared learning on impact evaluation and a broader discussion of sustainability through bedding within institutional cultures.

It was a pleasure to bring the partners together to support us with shaping Grit’s offer in higher education as we grow. Attendees were open and generous in their sharing and links were formed between universities to continue to benefit from a broader perspective.

Our roundtable will now become a regular feature for our higher education programmes. Planning for the next one is underway when we really must capture a photo of our amazing partners to share back with you!