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Youth Congress young people

Do you ever wonder how the young people from the London Youth Congress Community Transformation Programme are getting on? Here’s an update on how two of the young people have got on since the programme completed in April:


Marcia focused on her confidence during the Youth Congress programme, particularly wanting to believe she was able to achieve the goals she set for herself. Marcia worked hard with her coach to develop strategies to help her achieve goals and used a lot of small action steps to help break things down into more manageable chunks.

Marcia spent time since the programme getting media-related work experience and is just starting a degree at the University of East Anglia, studying ‘Society, Culture and Media’. Marcia is also a Grit ambassador, has been involved in the development of our East London Community Programme and is interested in training to be one of our youth coaches in the programme.


Paul was in college when we first met him in the Youth Congress programme. He worked to improve his attendance and grades, but ultimately didn’t pass his course this summer. This was followed by events which led to Paul getting involved in a situation for which he is now on probation.

It’s been a tough few months for Paul but after a lot of rejections, he has now secured a job. Paul can see that not everything in life is going to happen easily for him. He says that the resilience he built during the Youth Congress programme was what kept him going through all the knock-backs whilst looking for a job and kept him focused on keeping him going.

Paul was really pleased to be offered a place at New City College (previously Hackney Community College) to study music production, starting this September. An achievement Paul is really proud of and he’s working hard to focus on his course.

Names were changed to protect the identity of the young people.