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I feel that I am contributing a solution to a social need − not just in the community in which I worked, but the skills I have gained can now benefit a wider community if I continue to practice them. I couldn't have guessed I would feel this way. It's much better than I expected. I feel I have made a positive mark on humankind (however small) that cannot be undone. It is so inspiring. Grit Volunteer

Grit volunteers describe their experience of the coaching training.

If you are interested in making a difference by donating your time or expertise, you can volunteer in a variety of ways on Grit programmes. Volunteer roles include coaching a young person, supporting at events, joining a youth enrolment team or you may have your own idea about how you could donate your unique skill/expertise to Grit.

As a Grit volunteer you will receive training in our unique methodology which raises your own self-awareness, enhancing the contribution you can make to others. Our vast database of generous and talented volunteers tells us that many of you repeat your involvement with us several times over, sometimes for ten years or longer. Why? Because Grit volunteers not only contribute a vast amount, they benefit enormously too through their own training and supervision, as well as the rewards of enabling transformation to take place.

You don’t need experience or qualifications to volunteer – just a passion for making a difference. Interested?

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