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A stronger partnership with Nottingham Trent University

Following partnership work over the last two academic years, we’ve expanded our programme of delivery with Nottingham Trent University (NTU) to include a number of 1-day workshops for students. NTU were keen to use these ‘lighter touch’ workshops to build community and support networks amongst students, helping them connect more fully with university life. Initial interest was good and sign-up numbers were strong. In total, just under 500 students participated across eight 1-day workshops, with some staff taking part also.

Grit’s trainers worked with students to identify commonalities between them and begin looking at goal-setting. Feedback shows that goals were mainly set around 5 broad themes, identified by students:

Feedback from students at the end of each day shows that 85% rated their experience as good or excellent, and, 82% said they’d be interested in participating in a 3-day workshop.