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Brunel University

Following on from a staff training in September, we were pleased to work with our first group of students at Brunel University at the end of November. 41 students took part in the 3-day workshop and were well supported throughout by academic and university support staff.

University staff and welfare support team members made sure they were around during breaks, lunch and at the end of the final day, to chat to students and signpost them to additional services available in the university, where needed.

It was a brilliant workshop with the students bonding together quickly, forming a support network and even set up a WhatsApp group so they could continue supporting each other outside of the workshop.

In the words of the students themselves:

“An absolutely outstanding experience”

 “It has helped me see myself in a new light and showed me that I have a choice when it comes to who I am.”


“Very glad I attended - A community was created that I will never forget.”