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Celebrating success in schools

December 2018 saw the completion of our Coaching for Success programmes at Ark Elvin Academy, Daventry and Southbrook Learning Village and Northampton Academy. This programme is specifically tailored to schools-based students who, following a personal development experience, are partnered with a coach that supports them to work towards goals and aspirations they set for themselves. We received some fantastic feedback which we’d love to share with you:

“I am now more approachable” – Student, 2018  

“I am now more confident speaking in front of a group” – Student, 2018

“I know what I want moving forward from school” – Student, 2018

One of the schools informed us that there were 11 exclusions within the group before the programme commenced which reduced to only 6 exclusions after the 2-day training had taken place.  We are thrilled that the young people engaged so well with their programmes and look forward to potentially working together again soon.