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Fantastic support from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation

We were delighted to be awarded a grant from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s ‘Youth Fund’ earlier this year. The funding is a 2-year investment in the organisation as we re-establish our residential community programme and implement a new strategy, including changing our organisational name (see above!).

Setting up the grant relationship has been an unusually enjoyable experience. Unusual because it can often feel like funders and charities occupy different worlds with different priorities, true partnerships with funders are not an everyday occurrence.

From the start, our Grant Manager at Paul Hamlyn made it clear that they didn’t want to create any additional work for us. In fact, they’re keen for organisations to crack on with whatever they needed the funding for in the first year and only begin reporting back after 12 months.

It’s so refreshing to begin working with more funders like Paul Hamlyn who look out for a multitude of ways to support us and the work we do.