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Residential volunteer

As you may know, this summer we worked with our strategic partner, Prevista Ltd, to deliver a 6-day residential intensive programme to young people from across London. We took them to Yorkshire where they participated in our breakthrough methodology in long course-room sessions. They were brave and brilliant in taking ownership of their lives, standing for their commitments and beginning to look at making more positive choices in the future.

We had a whole team of volunteers who supported the programme and they were incredible. They gave up 12 days to create the best possible environment for these young people. One of those volunteers was Pat Edwards, CEO of  Newham Training and Education Centre (Newtec). He got in touch to reflect on his experiences:

“I signed up and participated, as a volunteer, in the finely tuned Youth at Risk [Grit] residential programme with the purpose to better understand young people living in London.

The programme has certainly increased my understanding of the attitude of young people towards the equalities agenda and the need for adults to keep an open mind on this sensitive subject. The programme has also highlighted, to me, the need for community influencers to be much more proactive and provide young people with real opportunities in order for them to reach their undoubted potential.

In addition, the programme definitely emphasised the limiting core beliefs that sometimes anchors all people to believe that positive accomplishments are outside their thinking, realms of possibilities and consideration.

Anyway, what a programme, what a set of young people, what a core team, what a group of volunteers.  I would recommend all senior managers to volunteer for this programme to better understand themselves.”

Thank you to Pat, all our generous, open and committed volunteers and our partner, Prevista Ltd, for making a difference in the lives of young people in London.