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Tanaie’s remarkable journey

Youth at Risk ambassador Tanaie got in touch to share her experience of the 5-day intensive workshop on the Hackney Choices programme back in July 2015 and the journey she has been on since.

“Before I started Youth at Risk, I found myself regularly depressed but didn't know why. I knew in myself that I had so much potential but continued to hold myself back. I made the conscious decision that things needed to change so when Youth at Risk presented the programme to me, I was all for it! It was such an intense course, I found myself crying A LOT! Crying wasn't something that was new to me; I did plenty of that at home behind closed doors. The fact that I was crying in front of a room full of strangers was bizarre to me as I'm a guarded person and hardly let anyone in. Taking part in the Youth at Risk programme helped me to achieve so much. They provided me with the opportunity to pitch to a panel that were able to help me immensely with producing an amazing EP; they also provided me with a great networking circle and great mentors. I have since joined the BBC Choir and I’m currently working on setting up my own Social Enterprise. I'm now a proud ambassador for Youth at Risk and will do everything that I'm able to do to ensure that this amazing work continues.”