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Grit deliver personal development programmes using structured group training models partnered with individual coaching.

Our transformational training methodology has been tried and tested over the last 25 years and is continually developed by our exceptional team of facilitators, most of whom have over 10 years of Grit experience.

Everything we do is designed to challenge the way you think by listening, speaking and engaging. It’s about creating the space to see new choices.

By identifying the limitations within your mind-set and breaking through them, you will recognise the contribution you can make to yourself, others and the world.

I started uni after being out of education…. It was a real struggle. I was so close to throwing in the towel. I wish I’d done this course much earlier, it would have made my first year so much easier. Now, my confidence is almost sky rocketing. I’m getting my work done quicker and I’m so much more focused.

Student participant

About our education programmes

We build our education programmes in partnership with schools and universities. They are designed to alter the beliefs students have about themselves, others and their educational community. By altering limiting beliefs, students are able to take more ownership, become more engaged with school/university life and are more likely to achieve their potential. Attainment goes up, retention increases, behaviour improves, but more importantly students increase their self-esteem and sense of belonging. Sustainable and meaningful change is created.

Our education programmes usually involve staff training too. We believe that, as professionals, it is important to examine our own mindsets and understand ways in which we may – unwittingly – be limiting the contribution we can make to our students. Our staff training is designed to provide this challenge and to support professionals to work together to increase aspiration and engagement. Staff training is also integral to creating sustainability with our partner institutions.

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Grit sets out to show young people that they are worth something; that in one way or another they are capable of achievement that deserves and earns the respect of others. Grit is an inspiration to them and has been an inspiration to me.

Lord Phillips, ex-President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

About our community programmes

During their (often residential) group workshop, we lead young people through a process where - step by step - they are able to see that what has happened in their past does not have to define or determine how their future is shaped. They are able to identify, in absolute safety and with no judgement, the root causes of why they think, feel and act, the way that they do. This clears the way for young people to change what drives them, in turn enabling a transformation in how they approach and engage with life.

A network of volunteers, local professionals and businesses are also enrolled, they provide the ongoing support for young people as they exit the intensive workshop and begin the ‘embed’ phase of their programme. One-to-one life coaching and group development sessions are crucial to translate their attitudinal change into behavioural change and – ultimately – transformed life outcomes.

Over the last three years, 224 young people in our community programmes reported:

98% increased aspirations and motivation

90% improved behaviour e.g. reduced offending, substance misuse and/or anti-social behaviour

And, the number of young people not engaged in employment, education or training at the start, more than halved by the end of the programme

For further reading on our impact and past partnerships read

Download track record

The ‘spectacular’ impact of the coaching programme that NEWTEC have embraced (Coaching for Professionals delivered by Grit) is plain to see. With unanimous feedback given to the assessor of “life-changing” and “increased self-awareness” that participants (and internal recipients of the outcomes) have derived from this learning.

From the recent Investors in People (Gold) assessment of
Newham Training and Education Centre (NEWTEC)

About our professional programmes

Our professional programmes are built with children’s services teams, university directorates, youth charities, school staff teams – in fact, any organisation that wants to raise their performance and better deliver on the service they provide. We use our training models to bring staff together in an exploration of the attitudes, mind sets and beliefs that underlie the way they operate at work, both individually and collectively.

As staff begin to examine the ways in which they are influenced and limited by their own past experiences, opinions and judgements, they are able to liberate themselves to make new choices. This is a process of inquiry which at once challenges and also supports staff to make breakthroughs relating to culture, teamwork, performance and relationships. Staff and organisations reconnect to their original vision to make a difference and put this vision into practice with ongoing coaching and learning.

"The impact and change over three days was palpable. It feels like we have a real opportunity to respond to the core business challenges of improving services for children"

Of the 136 professionals we have worked with in the last two years:

90% reported being better at supporting young people work through problems

88% saw improvements in the results they got with young people

On average, professionals went on to use our methodology with 23 young people in the first 12 months following their training with us.

Download professionals track record

Download track record

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