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At Grit, we are very proud of the great success stories that we have been a part of since we began. Why don't you look at some of them below? Simply click on the person head to view more information.

Secrets have always been my demise. My entire school experience was hell; I was constantly picked on because of the colour of my skin as well as other imperfections I had. The abuse….became normal to me and I kept it all to myself. I sunk into my own hole…. I was completely empty I lacked sympathy and other basic emotions and reflected the negativity that had been shown to me onto other people.

The first couple of days [on the Youth Congress residential] I just listened to what everyone else had to say…. I had convinced myself that I wasn’t going to share anything….[on] the 3rd or 4th day when a girl spoke about her experience, I realised that it's important for me to use this opportunity…[The next day] I stood up and I shared my experiences and what happened to me and immediately I felt as if a large boulder had been taken off, I felt light and confident within myself.

This programme gave me the opportunity to tell my truth which is something I was so afraid to do for so long. I am [now] able to appreciate the support system that I have been blessed with and live my best life knowing and accepting myself for who I am.

Participant on the Youth Congress community programme (London) 2017

Grit proved to be a most innovative, creative and ‘outcome driven’ organisation with a sincere commitment to empowering each individual on the course.

We invest a significant part of our resources in our work with Grit because we know they can achieve long term change and improvement for young people.

It is hard to find the words to thank everyone at Grit who made all this possible.

I seriously cannot express how much I owe Grit.

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